Taste + Hydration

Taste the Difference Every Day

When it comes to drinking water—the more the better. It’s essential to maintaining your vital organs, promoting clear thinking and keeping your skin looking young. So, how can you make sure you drink enough water? Make it delicious—and filtered. And, we’ve got the recipes sure to get you drinking more filtered water every day. Check out these fun, flavorful options and drink up:
  • Flavored and infused water ideas:

    Learn how to punch up the flavor of filtered water by adding tasty additions whenever you pull out the pitcher.
  • Benefits of lemon water:

    What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemon water. Read all about the lemon water craze and how to make your own.
Water is a key ingredient in a lot of beverages—and more. Here are some additional tips for getting your fill of great-tasting filtered water:
  • In the kitchen:
    • Fill up your ice cube trays for clear cubes ready to pop into your favorite cold drinks.
    • Start cooking—use filtered water when you want to taste ingredients, not chemicals.
    • Make your sparkling water really sparkle, or brew the best pot of coffee or tea ever.
  • For your loved ones: Make infant formula with filtered water, and encourage the kids to stay hydrated during sports with cool reusable bottles full of the good stuff.
  • Around your home: Add cleaner*water to pets’ bowls for more wags and purrs. And, pour it into pots and watch houseplants flourish.
  • For you: Use filtered water as a great base ingredient in whatever you’re craving—fruit smoothies, infused or flavored water and much more.
So, get creative and try a few of these tips and tricks to make sure everyone in the house stays hydrated and healthy. When water tastes great, you’ll drink more, and more… * vs tap water