Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

What Is Lemon Water and What Are the Benefits?

Lemon water—wellness experts can’t seem to stop talking about this fresh infusion. And that’s for good reason. Lemon water is a delicious way to keep the body healthy. It makes sense since we’re made up of 60% water, so we need lots of H2O to help our bodies do their thing, like:
  • help form saliva
  • regulate body temperature
  • lubricate joints
  • support brain function
And, in case you need more reasons to up your water intake, it’s also a critical component of wellness, as it:
  • aids digestion
  • maintains healthy muscles
  • supports organs including the skin
  • aids in transporting nutrients throughout the body
  • removes toxins and waste
  • makes skin appear its best
Lemon water also increases metabolism, which can aid in weight loss and help avoid more caloric options. Plus, lemons contain lots of good stuff like vitamin C to protect your cells and potassium to help support your heart.

How to Make Lemon Water at Home

Along with all the health benefits, adding lemon to your filtered water is a way to mix up your morning hydration routine and reduce dependency on caffeinated drinks first thing in the day. It’s also easy to make lemon water. Just mix lemons and lemon juice with cold, warm or hot water. Sometimes you might want to get creative. Go ahead and add a pinch of sea salt, or a dash of cayenne pepper, ginger, slices of cucumber or a splash of apple cider vinegar. And, we can’t forget—lemon water is delicious. When water tastes great, you’ll drink more of it. Read on to learn how to up the tastiness and incorporate water with a twist into your daily routine.

Recipes and more:

You can drink lemon water any time. Experts recommend drinking warm or hot lemon water first thing in the morning to aid in flushing your organs and getting your day off to a great start by hydrating. Recipe ideas:
  • Mix filtered water with the juice of half a lemon, a dash of cayenne, and a splash of apple cider vinegar to jump-start your day.
  • Mix filtered water with the juice of half a lemon and refreshing ingredients like strawberries, cucumbers or mint.
  • Mix warm or hot water with the juice of half a lemon and honey for a sweet treat.*
You can drink lemon water at any temperature you prefer. If you’re trying to replace or minimize your intake of caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea, consider hot lemon water. If it’s a hot summer day, cold lemon water is an oh-so-refreshing choice. Tips and tricks:
  • Cut up lemon wedges at the beginning of the week, then pop them in the fridge so they’re always ready to drop into your glass.
  • Freeze lemon wedges in ice cube trays to preserve the lemons and keep your water cold.
Enjoy jump-starting a healthy new routine of drinking lemon water by stirring up some of your own with our recipes, tips and tricks. *Hot water should not be used in the Brita® Pitcher Filter. Max. is 85°F (29°C) – Min. 32°F (0°C).