Drink cleaner*, great tasting tap water with this Brita® 27 cup UltraMax water dispenser. The 9-cup reservoir and the 18-cup body add up to an extra large capacity that makes this water filtration system perfect for busy families, sports teams and offices, while the space efficient design allows for convenient storage. Made without BPA, and includes one Brita® Standard Filter. The Standard Filter reduces chlorine (taste & odor), mercury, copper, and more** to deliver great tasting water. Change your Brita® Standard Filters every 151 litres or approximately 2 months, based on average family usage of 11 glasses per day, for best performance. Plus, just a glance at the filter indicator lets you know when it is time to change the Brita® water filter. Enjoy great tasting water without the single use plastic bottle waste! This pitcher is compatible with Brita’s Elite™ and Standard filters.
  • 27 cup capacity
  • Standard filter included
  • Made without BPA
  • Easy-fill lid
  • Sticker filter indicator
*vs. tap water. **See certifications. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.